Super Normal Extra Natural takes over Whitgift Shopping Centre

Super Normal Extra Natural takes over Whitgift Shopping Centre

An audience assembles in Whitgift Shopping Centre, in the heart of Croydon. A woman with a yellow backpack takes the escalator, the assistant manager drops her keys, and the deputy head of accounts finds them. A couple argue about who did what to whom, and someone, somewhere starts to move.

A seemingly normal day starts to merge with a world of angels and demons, hope and pain.

Experience Whitgift Shopping Centre from a whole new perspective. Using headphones to connect to the soundtrack, audiences become a part of a surreal world that blurs the boundaries between reality and performance.

Super Normal Extra Natural is a new, community-based performance made with the people of Croydon, from the creators of experiential performances Future Cargo and DeadClub™- Requardt & Rosenberg.

Requardt & Rosenberg was established to create dance performance away from the auditorium and studio either in outdoor locations or within temporary structures. Their desire is to make performances that are highly visible, unique events in order to engage a wide audience in a distinctive format. Requardt & Rosenberg combine both the spectacle of large-scale dance performances and the delicate integrity and intimacy of the audience experience through binaural sound.

Dancers and singers are joined by Croydon locals to take over Whitgift Shopping Centre in this unique, intimate and constantly surprising dance spectacle. Super Normal Extra Natural takes place 12 – 14 January. Price is £8 (£5 concs). Click here to book now.