Opening of the Jeanne Brabants Studio at Mosa Ballet School

Opening of the Jeanne Brabants Studio at Mosa Ballet School

Mosa Ballet School is proud to announce the inauguration of the Jeanne Brabants Studio, which complements the existing 10 dance studios located within the 12,000 square meter international campus. Named in honor of the renowned dancer and choreographer, the Jeanne Brabants Studio provides a modern, fully-equipped space for classical and contemporary ballet classes. Damien Comeliau, Co-founder of Mosa Ballet School and CEO, states, “With state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable acoustics, the studio offers an ideal environment to nurture the creativity and artistic excellence of our students. This new dance space reinforces our commitment to providing young dancers with an exceptional environment to cultivate their passion and develop their skills.”

Born on January 25, 1920, in Antwerp, Jeanne Brabants quickly distinguished herself through her virtuosity, passion, and artistic vision. As a choreographer, she created innovative pieces that have left a mark on the history of dance. Considered a pioneer of dance in Belgium, she choreographed numerous ballets, developed high-level training, and engaged in in-depth theoretical reflection on classical, modern, and contemporary dance. She launched the company known today as the Ballet of Flanders.

In addition to her stage career, Jeanne Brabants also dedicated a significant part of her life to dance education. She founded the school that we know today as the Koninklijke Ballet School Antwerpen where she trained many talented dancers and influenced an entire generation of artists.  Benjamine De Cloedt, Founder of Mosa Ballet School and President, wanted to pay tribute to her, stating, “The inauguration of the Jeanne Brabants Studio is a testament to our gratitude towards this great lady of dance. This modern and inspiring dance space embodies her legacy, her passion for art, and her commitment to artistic education.” And to add, “It is also a way to strengthen ties with Flanders, a land of talents that I value.”

The inauguration was marked by a ceremony that brought together Jeanne Brabants’ sister, Annie Brabants, Benjamine De Cloedt and Damien Comeliau, Founders of Mosa Ballet School, Olivier Patey, Artistic Director, Wilfried Jacobs, Pedagogical Director, Wim Broeckx, international guest teacher and former student of Annie Brabants, as well as all the Mosa Ballet School students .

Benjamine De Cloedt concluded, “We are honored to pay tribute to Mrs. Jeanne Brabants, an iconic figure whose career and unwavering commitment to artistic education have inspired generations of dancers. Her impact and exceptional contribution to the world of dance continue to resonate. Her passion, talent, and dedication will forever remain a source of inspiration for all those who pursue the dream of dance. Mosa Ballet School is the first.”

Mosa Ballet School is an international ballet school that provides high-level dance training. Founded on the values of excellence, kindness, and collaboration, the school prepares young dancers for the professional dance industry. Located in a beautiful historic building of 12,000 square meters, the former National Bank of Belgium based in Liège, Mosa Ballet School is now a hub of artistic and pedagogical excellence.

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