Dance and Health, International Conference at Mosa Ballet School

Dance and Health, International Conference at Mosa Ballet School

What if dancing, beyond the pleasure it provides, could contribute to improving the state of health and maintaining a quality life? What if dance was used as a real preventive tool in mental and physical health by professionals?

Dancing is good for you: muscle tone, suppleness, balance and endurance are among the physical benefits of regular practice. However, dancing is more than that. By connecting with your body, you can develop self-awareness and boost self-esteem. Dancing is a way to express your emotions, create a bond with others and even (re)discover happiness.

Convinced that art – and more specifically dance – is a powerful tool to contribute to the health and well-being of all, the Mosa Ballet School wants to capitalise on its reputation and its strength of mobilisation to move the lines and be the source of a real major societal impact.

The Mosa Ballet School, through its societal impact program Quand on Danse, is organizing an International Conference taking place on September 22, 2023. The conference will bring together speakers from all over the world, specialists in dance and health issues. Dance, a universally popular practice, is a vector of health, happiness, sharing and inclusion.

Through presentations in simultaneous French-English translation and several practical workshops, you will explore and exchange, for a day, on the themes of health and psychology through dance. The 2023 edition, “Dance with the Elderly”, will focus on the theme of the benefits of dance for seniors. Particular attention will be given to Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

A panel of international experts will lead the day. Enjoy discussions from the following experts:

• Clare Guss-West MA (Switzerland), Specialist in health through dance

• David Leventhal (United States), Director of the Dance for PD® program (Parkinson’s Disease)

• Mirjam Brocknäs (Sweden), Psycho-gerontologist, dance and dementia project

• Joakim Stephenson (Sweden), Dancer and choreographer, dance and dementia project

• Dr. Peter Lovatt (Great Britain), Dance Psychologist

• Dr. Olivier Bouquiaux (Belgium), Neurologist at the University Hospital of Liège and founder of Fit your Mind/Kinesiphilia.

This conference is intended for professionals in the fields of health, sport and dance, but also for a wider audience. This day will be followed, on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September, by professional training workshops given by the speakers of the Conference on health and aging dance and dance and Parkinson’s. 

Creating bridges between the dance and health sectors is the objective of Quand on Danse. Designed in collaboration with health and research professionals, dancers and choreographers as well as associations, the Quand on Danse program combines dance workshops, awareness-raising actions, training and a digital resource platform.

The Belgian Mosa Ballet School carries in its DNA an open, united and responsible vision. Convinced that dance is a powerful tool to contribute to the health and well-being of all, Mosa Ballet intends to generate a positive impact within society by supporting change and social progress through dance. 

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